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Caorunn Gin Foraging Advnture

Saturday mornings, for those who work Monday to Friday, as I do, is a day to have a nice lie in, with no rush to face to the day till well into the afternoon. This past Saturday I was up well before I liked to be with no hints of a sunny day but grey sky’s for as far as the eye can see. I sheepishly got dressed thinking what does one wear to go foraging; after not much consideration, I put on last nights work wear; a pleated mid thigh skirt, a turtleneck, black stockings and my brand new knee high leather boots (which I slightly started to regret once I seen where we were heading).

22 Red Bank Co. was our meeting place, a quant and cozy coffee bar just outside of Manchester city centre. The atmosphere included a large leather sofa, that I just could have nestled myself into, coffee photography and a nearly floor to ceiling length illuminated cross. I instantly fell in love with the space.

As I was accompanied by more bloggers and Brand Ambassador for Caorunn Gin, David Barber, we packed into our mini bus and headed out into the Pennines to go foraging for the 5 Celtic botanicals infused into the Caorunn Gin. When we got off the bus we were met by Discover The Wild expert forager, David Winnard, who has been foraging since the tender age of 5. He let use know what was safe to eat, what should be cooked before eating, and what we should stay clear of.

It was not long into our foraging before we found yummy goodness we could start picking and tasting.

And that was just on the border of where our mini bus had left us. The weather did not fail, and we were drenched from head to toe, I started quickly smiling knowing that my feet were toasty warm inside my not-so-new boots, unfortunately I couldn’t say that for my fellow bloggers on the foraging adventure as they collectively picked a pair of converse as their choice of footwear.

As we kept on through the Pennines we were introduced to the five Celtic botanicals that are used to create the delicious Scottish Caorunn Gin.

1 Rowan Berry: adds notes of bitterness and also acts as the soul of the Scottish gin, taking it’s name from the Gaelic word for Rowan Berry, Caorunn Gin logo is also inspired by this mythical botanical.

2 Dandelion: brings some herbal notes with a hint of sharpness

3 Coul Blush Apple: an apple usual used in desserts, unique to Northern Scotland, brings a crisp acidity, and clean sweet taste

4 Bog Myrtle: Infuses a soft, sweet aroma and some spicy notes

5 Scottish Heather: A botanical of the Highland landscape that brings a subtle perfumed undertones with a nuance of honey

As our foraging adventure came to an end we were more than excited to head back into the heated van, and back in to Manchester City centre. Our afternoon continued at Lawn Club in spinning fields, where we got to reap the benefits of our greyish morning and indulge in Caorunn’s signature Wild Urban Bramble Cocktail.

Wild Urban Bramble Cocktail Recipe:

50 ml Caorunn Gin
25ml Premium Tonic Water
12.5ml Elderberry Syrup
12.5ml Gomme (sugar syrup)

Shake the Lemon Juice, Gomme & Gin
Stain over crushed ice
Drizzle Elderberry Syrup

Blackberry and apple


This cocktail is available in Manchester at Lawn Club and Elixir, and the Caorunn Gin can be purchased in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Mason, Oddbins, The Conran Shop, Spirited Wines, The Whisky Shop and spirit specialists.
So next time your out for a stroll, or heading to the grocery don’t forget to look up and see what tasty delights might just be right under your nose; or just above your head.

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